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Tenant/Purchaser Representation


We understand our fiduciary relationship is to our tenants’ needs.  Service with integrity is the only way we do business.  Based on many years of representing local, regional and national tenants, we have developed a scientifically proven site selection process for the exclusive use of our tenants.

The most unique part of the formula at Commercial Realty, Inc., unlike many of the large brokerage firms, is that we do all location analysis work in-house; we look at the sites ourselves and you deal directly with the broker.  Your assignment is not farmed out into a convoluted web of network brokers.  Whenever possible, we deal directly with landlords/owners on your behalf, not broker-to-broker.

Specific services we offer:

  • Provide detailed trade area location analysis specific for our clients, including, but not limited to trade area maps and aerial photos identifying all potential sites.
  • Present current market trend analysis for the trade area.
  • Evaluate which sites would best meet tenant’s needs.
  • Supply detailed information on all potential competing sites.
  • Provide outline of other retailers in the trade area including market ranking of competitors’ performances.
  • Provide detailed site-specific analysis showing such things as access, exposure, parking lots, loading and signage.
  • Clarify with property owners important construction issues, such as conditions of roof, HVAC, parking lots, and other information necessary to protect tenant’s interest in a long-term lease.
  • Obtain and review all pertinent documents necessary in order to prepare a lease dealing with such issues as REA agreements, legal descriptions, restrictive covenants, etc.
  • Prepare and present letters of intent to landlords on behalf of our client.
  • Perform lease negotiations on behalf of our client.
  • Guide tenant through the entire leasing process.

Results, not excuses!