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Guaranteed Marketing Program

As a part of marketing your project, COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. guarantees to complete the following activities and services in a prompt and effective manner:

  1. MARKETING ANALYSIS:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will provide you with a current analysis and summary of other properties for lease similar to the subject property within the subject trade area.
  1. PROPERTY INFORMATION:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will prepare a marketing package of your project for distribution to prospective tenants.  This will include up-to-date retail trade maps, aerial photos, and demographics.
  1. PRE-QUALIFY PROSPECTS:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will pre-qualify prospective tenants before we show your project to avoid unnecessary inconvenience to you.
  1. FIELD PROPERTY STATUS REPORT:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will provide you with a report of the field condition of your property, particularly geared towards cleanliness, show ability, and any deficiencies that could hinder marketing your property along with recommendations to improve the likelihood of marketing your property.
  1. OFFICE PROMOTION:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will promote your project to all in-house sales associates.
  1. BROKER PROMOTION:   COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will promote your project to other reputable and professional brokers in the regional marketing area, including brokers with exclusive representative agreements for national specialty retailers.
  1. RETAIL VOID ANALYSIS:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will determine through field and other research methodology, which retailers are void and needed in the local trade area of your center and systematically approach those tenants to occupy your center.
  1. SCOPE OF MARKETING:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will market the project to local, regional, and national tenants that would have potential interest in the site.
  1. PROGRESS REPORTS:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will provide you with a progress report of any changes in leasing activity in a timely fashion.
  1. LEASE OFFER:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will review with you all lease offers as they are presented and assist you in all negotiations.
  1. PROMOTION:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will promote your property to my list of clients, in which we have personal relationships with through our 30+ years of commercial leasing experience.
  1. QUIET ENJOYMENT:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will market your property in a manner not to disturb trivial inquiry into the manner of the Landlord.
  1. PUBLICATION:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will routinely advertise the project in commercial leasing websites such as Loopnet, CoStar, and other appropriate sites.
  1. SIGNAGE:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will put effective “For Lease” signage on the property.
  1. CANVASSING:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will canvas for prospective Tenants to relocate in the local trade area.
  1. NETWORKING:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will market your property at professional leasing functions such as ICSC events.
  1. MARKETING RESEARCH:  COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. will study industry trends to determine new emerging and expanding tenants that may have interest in the site.

This Guaranteed Marketing Program is the promise that COMMERCIAL REALTY, INC. offers as a part of your exclusive listing agreement.